Texture and color tone are
just like general pottery.

"ALMIC", durable
aluminum pottery


What's ALMIC

ALMIC, an original product of Tonami Shouten co.,ltd, is an aluminum serving dish manufactured by a special process, so it is durable and chip-resistant just like general pottery and has a texture and color tone as pottery. We would like you to consider trying such a feel and texture of ALMIC, and enjoy food and drinks unique to Japan.

Absolutely unbreakable tableware that overturns conventional wisdom about pottery

Three main features of ALMIC

Use case of ALMIC

By utilizing the significant characteristics of aluminum which will not crack, "ALMIC" products are used in restaurants, hotels, and Japanese style inns nationwide. Since ALMIC is designed for professional use, it contributes to the reduction of long-term costs, making best use of its strength.
ALMIC also enables you to easily cook delicious food because its high thermal conductivity preserves the flavor of ingredients such as vegetables. ALMIC products for IH(200V/100V) are also available.
In addition, "ALMIC" meets requirements mandated by Food Sanitation Act, so it is safe for use.

* Patent applied for

Use case of ALMIC

Hotel and RYOKAN (Japanese style inn) etc.

To hotel and Ryokan managers
across the country

We often hear that hotel and Ryokan managers want guests to taste local, seasonal ingredients. In order to fully enjoy the taste of food, making dishes look delicious is essential.As a hotel or Ryokan simultaneously serves food to a lot of guests, work efficiency is emphasized.

Ryokan Photo

Hospital and nursing facility etc.

To administrators of hospital, pay nursing home, special elderly nursing home, long-term care health facility, or medical long-term care sanatorium

In the present age when hospitals need to differentiate themselves from competition, more and more hospital patients emphasize “food” as a basis for evaluation. The easiest way could be to improve “foodユs appearance”, which is created by devising eating utensils. It would significantly increase satisfaction of the patients.

Hospital Photo

Restaurant and food service chain etc.

To owners and managers of all kinds of eating and drinking establishments including restaurant, Japanese-style bar (Izakaya), and Japanese restaurant (Ryotei) across the country

As ALMIC will never crack, it will reduce long-term running costs. To have customers enjoy food and appearance of the dishes, we carry a wide variety of products with meticulous design, size, and shape.

Restaurant Photo

School and kindergarten etc.

To school, kindergarten,
and preschool officials and staff

School lunch time is valuable because it fosters little childrenユs healthy and emotional development. Dishes on which food is directly put are safety-first. In order to prevent the use of any insanitary ingredients, additives, and pigments with utmost care, eating utensils are in accordance with the law and the industry self-regulation.

School Photo

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